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Articles and links relative to career success:

An Intern's Guide to Success
So, you have landed the internship or are getting close. How do you maximize the internship experience to enhance your learning and improve your chances for a great job using what you learned? 

Why Should My Firm Have a Student Intern?
What are the advantages of using student interns for a consulting firm? How can you use interns effectively?

Great Cover Letters
Cover letters used in job applications are MUCH more than just covers for a killer resume. Research shows that the quality of the cover letter often determines whether the resume will be read or discarded. Check out what recruiters say make good cover letters.

Job Interviews: the ABC's
In our competitive economy, job interviews are no longer the "chit-chat" sessions of yesterday. Interviews are the measure of a prospective employee's appearance, communication skills and fit with corporate culture are measured.

Seven Keys to Successful Resumes
A resume or vita is a important tool for professionals, and others, in seeking for a job. This article summarizes how to evaluate your resume to see if it will be attractive to a potential employer.

Spit-Shining Your Resume
So here I am in the middle of recruiting an Industrial Engineer, doing the last thing that I really want to do: reviewing resumes.

Additional Links on Career Success

About Job Search
This site, sponsored by, is a virtual wealth of information, articles and links for job hunters and professionals. Don't miss this vital and effective site!

About Business Majors
Another About site, this one focuses on resources for college students majoring in business, whether undergraduate or graduate. You will find articles, links and information that is right on point for B-school students.

Career Journal
An online publication of the Wall Street Journal dealing with career issues; lots of articles, links and advice on job hunting and success in the workplace.