Here are a list of blog posts and articles related to personal and organizational leadership

United They Stand, Divided They Fall
What can we learn about effective teamwork from the natural phenomenon of migrating geese? Do geese know more than we do about being part of a functioning team?
Ten Steps to Greater Self-Confidence
No matter what your current level of self-confidence, you can learn to improve it. This article focuses on ten key strategies for keeping your self-confidence high and your outlook bright. 

Unlocking Your Personal and Professional Potential
Other than watching Hoosiers or Remember the Titans, have you experienced a great coach in your life? How do modern coaches help people and organizations reach success? 

Successful Team Management Part I
A basic understanding of team development and how successful teams succeed is critical to success as a management consultant. This article addresses the processes of successful teams and also discusses helping teams set proper purpose and direction.
Successful Team Management Part II
In this second installment on team management, we address issues such as effective team leadership, fostering good communications and mediating conflict between group members. The article also includes very practical and easily implementable ideas for enhancing group process.

Blueprint for Effective Presentations
From proposals to interviews to final reports, any professional must deliver top flight presentations to be successful. The keys discussed in this article will help any professional improve his or her presentation skills and prepare the best presentations possible.

Monkey Management
The classic article "Who's Got the Monkey?" offers help for executives and supervisors to keep responsibility for problems where it belongs--with employees. The concepts in this article can also be helpful in teaching others the skills of delegation. 

Negotiating:  Your Own Peace Summit
With ongoing discussions between the Palestinians and Israel, negotiation is a hot international topic. The skills of negotiation and diplomacy apply well beyond the Mideast peace process. What should negotiators do to improve the odds of a successful settlement? 

Developing Your Charisma
Most of us are drawn to charismatic leaders. What do these leaders have that we may not have, and how do we achieve charismatic status?

Other Articles and Links on Leadership

A Culture of Commitment
What's the secret to building a great organization? How do you sustain consistent growth, profits, and service in an industry that can literally change overnight? And how do you build a culture of commitment and performance when the notion of loyalty -- on the part of customers, employees, and employers -- seems like a quaint anachronism? I can answer basically in two words: be yourself.

The Enduring Skills of Change Leaders
Hundreds of books and millions of dollars in consulting fees have been devoted to leadership and organizational change. No issue of the past 15 years has concerned more managers or a wider spectrum of organizations. Yet, for all the attention the subject merits, we see every day that certain kinds of change are simple. If you're a senior executive, you can order budget reductions, buy or sell a division, form a strategic alliance or arrange a merger.

Nine Tips for Motivating Employees
How do you motivate employees -- justifiably cynical, skeptical employees -- who have been merged, acquired, downsized and right-sized? When you're done reading this information, shut off your monitor and actually put these techniques to work -- that's how you'll motivate employees!