Life Balance

Articles, links and blog posts on keeping life in balance:

SuperDads: Managing Expectations of Modern Fathers
Statistics, studies and your own gut feel tell you that family should come first. But what happens when a dad lets other things take priority? And how can you keep family first and still balance the other competing demands in your life.  

Family Friendly Workplaces for Fathers
Committed fathers often try to find employment in a workplace that is family friendly. What makes an employer “family-friendly” and what should you look for in an employer when you are a dad who puts family first?

How To Stay in Touch on the Road
Staying in touch with the children while you are on the road can be a real challenge. Find out ways to keep close to your kids as a road warrior.

Avoiding Work-Life Conflicts: Keeping Your Work at Work
Committed fathers often find themselves conflicted about succeeding at work and being available for their families. Learn from experienced fathers and successful business people how to keep work and family separate.

Recovering from Workaholism
Do you find yourself more and more committed to work and less and less to family? Then you may be experiencing the psychological addiction known as workaholism. Find out about the challenges of being a workaholic and how to get out of the rut and regain balance in your busy life.

Simplifying Your Life
Recently, a friend and his wife undertook a major project to simplify their lives. And they are happier as a result. If you are feeling a need to simplify your life and better align your activities with your values, now is the time to start. Find ways to undertake a simplification project and tips for making it successful.