Halloween at the Office

As many know, I am a site guide at About.com focusing on fatherhood issues.  One of colleagues, Jon Reh, hosts the Management site at About.com.  He has written a great article on having Halloween fun at work and building a team culture using at Halloween time.  Just a couple of excerpts:

You can use Halloween at the Office to build morale and teamwork. At the same time it can help you spot creative and participative talents among your employees. Your people have a little fun in the office, which builds morale. Groups of employees work together on fun projects, which helps build teamwork. Employees from different departments share a common activity, which improves communication and inter-departmental cooperation. You get to identify the people in your organization with hidden talents, skills like creativity, team leadership, and cooperation, in a non-hierarchical setting.

Some shy employees feel unable to fully participate in group activities at the office. They worry about appearing silly or being embarrassed. Halloween may provide a good opportunity for these employees to join in. It's a great time for shy people to show off their talents at the office while hiding behind a costume. 
 Read and enjoy Jon's article and see what kind of fun you can have with Halloween at the office.

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